Surge protection, arrestor, Type 1 (industry)    
  • Coordinated lightning controller
  • Combined arrestor
  • System solution VG TN-S TT
  • System solution VG TN-C
  • Lightning current arrestor
  • Lightning controller
  • Accessories, covers and bases
Sure protection, photovoltaics    
  • Complete photovoltaic block V50, 600 V DC
  • Complete photovoltaic block V25, 900 V DC
  • Complete photovoltaic block V20, 600 V DC
  • Complete photovoltaic block V20, 1,000 V DC
  • Photovoltaic system solution with MC4 connector
  • Photovoltaic system solution with MC4 connector, unequipped
  • Photovoltaic housing with connection terminals
  • Photovoltaic housing with V-Tec entry
  • Photovoltaic system solution AC/DC protection
  • Photovoltaic covers
  • Photovoltaic bases
Surge protection, data and information technology    
  • Network technology
  • RJ 45
  • Sub D
  • ASP
  • Power supply
  • Lightning barrier V...AC/DC+FS
  • Lightning barrier V2...AC/DC+FS
  • Basic protection
  • Lightning barrier FRD 1
  • Testable lightning barriers
  • Petrol Field arrestor
Surge protection, protection and spark gaps    
  • Protection and spark gaps
  • OBO discharge gaps and protective spark gaps are designed to isolate electrical system components, which under normal operating conditions are not connected together. If lightning strikes cause a potential increase in one of the electrical system components, the isolating spark gap guarantees a conductive connection and therefore equipotential bonding.
Measuring and test systems    
  • Measuring and test systems
  • It is often necessary to check the function of the surge protection devices within a data cable. It is particularly important to check that the actual test of the protection devices has no negative influence on the data signal.
Equipotential bonding systems    
  • Equipotential bonding rails for indoor use
  • Equipotential bonding systems for outdoor use
  • Equipotential bonding rail for industrial application
  • Strip earthing clips
  • Earthing clips
Earthing systems    
  • Conduction material
  • Deep earther and plate earther
  • Connection material
  • Holders and accessories
Interception and arrestor systems    
  • Conduction material
  • Interception system
  • Roof cable holder
  • Cable bracket
  • Insulated lightning protection
  • OBO isCon® system
  • Connection clamps and connection terminals
  • Connection and separating terminals
  • Earth entries
  • Accessories
Earthing System
OBO EARTHING DOES NOT REQUIRE DIGGING OR SALT OR CHARCOAL. Low carbon steel rod with 99.9% molecularly bonded copper gives a very good life for the electrode. The earthing electrode can be driven deep into the ground manually or using an electric hammer. Due to the bore & peg arrangement any number of rods can be connected one above the other to have deep earthing. Environment friendly earth enhancing mineral compound is provided instead of salt. OBO earthing is as per IEC 62561 & 3043 standards.
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